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Prosoft's key to successfully implementing its Integration project is experienced project management, ensuring smooth implementation and accountability. The Project Manager co-ordinates all aspects of the project, including the essential road maps: Requirements Analysis, Functional Specification, Design Document and Implementation Schedule.

Like most Systems Integrators, we are independent of all hardware and software manufacturers. We recommend and implement what we consider as the "best in class" tools, integrated to provide the best solution. Of course, we are always prepared to integrate the software and hardware products specified by your own technical team.

What makes Prosoft different?

In-House Skills.

      Prosoft has fundamental strengths in the essential core technologies:

      Programming expertise: C , C++, VC++, VB, HTML, Java, Assembler

      Relational Databases: SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access

      Component Technology: COM/DCOM, OLE, Active X, OPC Servers

      Networking and Communications: Ethernet, Token Ring, TCP/IP, NetBios,
        IPX/SPX, RS-232/422,VME, PCI, ISDN, T1

      Internet Technologies: HTML, XML, ASP, Java Applets, Servlets

      Embedded Code: 8051, PIC, DSP

      Automation Technologies: OPC, Fieldbus, DeviceNet, ControlNet,
        InTouch, FIX32,iFIX, RSView


    Prosoft Systems' Engineers  have considerable industrial process experience. Our main focus is to combine our automation skills with your process knowledge to form an effective project team for:

      Graphical User Interface (GUI/HMI) Development

      Process Control Software Configuration

      Custom Software Development

      Instrumentation Engineering

      Electrical Controls Design

      Driver and OPC Server Development

      PLC Programming


Our technical expertise, and our philosophy of ensuring that the technology is always matched to the need, gives our clients the confidence that we can integrate a wide variety of technologies into an effective solution.

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