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Prosoft's real world experiences delivering Industrial Information and Control Solutions has lead to the development of several powerful Software Tools. These tools share a common mission: to simplify the lives of the developers and users who need easy access to the information collected by the system.

Data Transfer Utility (DTU)

Prosoft's Data Transfer Utility was developed to bring live data from one SCADA system to any Database in a user friendly environment . DTU gives the user the ability to easily transfer data from virtually any source to any destination. A datapoint from any source ( DDE, ODBC, OPC, FIX or CSV ) can be sent to X destination. ( DDE, ODBC, OPC, FIX or CSV).

Multiple source/destination points can be configured in a group to be updated at either a fixed interval or at a specific time of the day. Individual groups of points can be enabled or disabled depending on whether or not they need to be archived from the source points and updated at the destination . When ODBC is used as a destination, one can configure multiple columns with fixed fields to be inserted with every new entry

DTU has the ability to save multiple configuration files generated by the user.

Drivers /OPC Servers

With core skills in C , C++ and Kernel Level development, Prosoft has established itself as a world class developer of Drivers and OPC Servers for and Systems Integrators and OEMs. While Drivers and OPC Servers are usually developed for widely used Controllers ( Toshiba, Andover, Honeywell, Siemens, and Johnson Controls ), we also provide custom communication drivers which provide links to "equipment specific" machine controls.

While consistent and bulletproof communication links are always the goal, each product was originally developed to serve a unique need.  A recent Driver development project was to develop a driver for Intellution's FIX, which uses TAG names from the FIX database to automatically map I/O points on the hardware.  Another recent Driver development project, for a gas utility, led to the development of a Natural Gas Monitoring and Reporting system .

Prosoft Systems' has considerable experience in Device Driver and OPC Server development under Windows NT/95 and UNIX .  We have developed a wide range of device drivers for clients such as Toshiba,  Omron ( Belgium ), Noell  Germany ), IBM, Novonordisk ( Denmark ), Hershey, W.R.Grace and Seabrook Nuclear Power.

Prosoft Systems consistently provides industry-tested solutions for a wide range of technically challenging problems. There is nothing quite like experience.

Samples of Prosoft System's OPC servers:

Andover Controls  Infinity and AC 256 Controllers
Request Demo Version

Honeywell   Excel Controllers
Request Demo Version

Johnson Controls 8500 Series of Controllers
Request Demo Version


Samples of several Prosoft Drivers
for Intellution's Fix 6.X

Allen Bradley PLC V5 through VME bus

RS-485 Interface to Toshiba's T series PLC

TI575 Xycom VME interface

Reynolds SAN323 and REY843 Gas meters

Foxboro 760/761 Series Controller

Moore Micro 352,382 and 383 Single loop controllers

Hi-Speed Check Weigher's Checkmate Interface

DataPort Interface to Mitutoyo gages

Pennsylvania 5400 EXP weigh scales

Zebra Technology's Xi series of bar code

American Precision Instruments Stepper Motor

M Series Controller for Ultra 4.2x

Vibration Monitoring System (VMS)

Our Vibration Monitoring System monitors accelerometers, computes the RMS value of the acquired data and raises alarm if the RMS is above a set threshold.  The system can be configured for a warning, high and a high-high alarm. The software displays the raw signal and the FFT on user-friendly graph controls. The system stores the data corresponding to the raw signal when an alarm triggers or upon a user request. The stored signal can be analyzed on another user-friendly utility application called the history.


Historical Front End ( HFE )

Prosoft's Historical Front End is a tool similar to Historical Display in Intellution's FIX DMACS . It allows the user to create group charts quickly. The user interface is similar to the one in Historical Display but it encapsulates pen , time and chart groups in a single group chart . A demo version is available which allows viewing 2 node tags instead of the products standard 8 tags . This is a 32 bit application and runs in either Windows95/WindowsNT4.0.   FIX 6.1 or higher is needed to run this tool .

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