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Prosoft Systems is currently engaged in a wide range of software consulting assignments: These projects include client/server applications, e-Commerce solutions, networking challenges and products using embedded processors.


Our People

Knowledgeable people are the backbone of any capable consulting firm. We stress interpersonal and communication skills, essential for doing business in an international environment. Our people are experienced in real life projects. Our Senior Managers have considerable development and Program Management experience. We understand schedules, deliverables, communication, quality control and documentation.


Our Skills

We have demonstrated expertise in the following areas:

    Languages: Assembler, C, C++ and Java

    Operating Systems & Architecture: Windows NT, 2000, 98, 95, 3.11 and DOS-DDE,
      COM/DCOM, ActiveX, OLE, Microsoft DNA, DLL, TSR, ODBC

    Embedded Code: (8051, PIC, DSP, etc.)

    Networking & Communications:   RS-232/485/422, VME, ISA, PCI, Modem, ISDN,
      T1, Ethernet, Token Ring, TCP/IP, Netbios, IPX/SPX, etc.

    Internet: HTML, Dynamic HTML, XML, ActiveX, ASP, Java, Java Applets and Servelets

    Factory Automation Technologies: OPC, Fieldbus, DeviceNet, ControlNet, Intouch,
      FIX32, iFIX, RSVIEW, SCADA, Analog & Digital Instrumentation, etc.

    RDBMS: Oracle, Sequel Server and Access.


Consulting Services

Software Development

We can help select the right architecture and bring the team together for execution and delivery of the project. Prosoft has developed its capability to deliver world class solutions based on a simple strategy: Completely understand your functional requirements.

    Develop a 'Functional Specification' and a 'Design Document'

    Define clear and concise deliverables

    Establish and meet milestones

    Communicate clearly at all stages of a project

    Stay flexible during all phases- we understand that requirements can change.


Optimization & Fine-tuning Services

We perform Code Reviews on development projects and ensure reliability and robustness, by applying industry proven Code Review and QA test procedures. Our considerable real-world experience will advance your own internal software team.


Systems Integration

Prosoft has been delivering turn-key solutions since 1993. The ultimate goal is to provide a robust and effective solution that your own staff understands and utilizes independently. We understand the critical steps in a successful project.   For more information, see Systems Integration


Delivery of Services

Prosoft is capable of managing and delivering the entire solution, a sub set of the solution, or providing you with the right people, at your site, to support the internally managed program.   Prosoft's associate operation, PSI Staffing, gives our clients the ability to integrate our leading edge skills with their own staff in pursuit of an internally managed deliverable.

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